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  At the time of Taiwan’s retrocession in 1945, Taitung District Court had not been established.  It was then subordinated to Hualien District Court.  Ordained by the Ministry of Judiciary Administration, the Taiwan Taitung District Court was officially founded on December 28, 1949


  When Taitung District Court had been under Hualien District Court’s jurisdiction, cases regarding the second trial of appealing or pleading were engaged by Taiwan High Court.  Following the official establishment of Taiwan Taitung District Court, the like cases were transferred to be governed by the Tainan branch of Taiwan High Court.  Afterwards on May 1, 1965, a Hualien circuit court of Taiwan High Court was established to govern the like cases.  On July 15, 1972, the Hualien Branch of Taiwan High Court was inaugurated, and started to engage in the like cases.  Such a move has been credited by the citizens.